Laundry washing capsules contains organic essential oils


On the one hand, there is growing demand from consumers and policy makers for increased resource productivity, decoupled economic growth from resource use and reduced hazardous effects on human health. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are competing in an increasingly globalized economy. These challenges are shared both by Estonian and Latvian businesses. It can be expected that the progression of global climate change and medical research (on human health) will result in economic penalties (reduced consumer demand and increased taxes/fines) on entrepreneurs that fail to adapt to these changing circumstances. The comparatively strict environmental regulations and the Baltic Sea Region’s health conscious consumers provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to be among the first to develop and offer alternatives to existing products, thus helping to capture market segments not only within the region but also beyond.

This project brings together two enterprises Mayeri Industries (Mayeri) from Estonia and SIA Field and Forest (F&F) from Latvia (LV) to jointly develop a new product: a laundry washing capsule in soluble film based on organic essential oils extracted from medicinal and aromatic plants growing in the Nordic region.

The developed product will be an innovative, environmentally friendly alternative to current laundry washing capsules available on the market. The use of organically grown local plants reduces the consumption of synthetic chemicals while encapsulating them in water-soluble film decreases the amount of waste produced.

Objective: The partner will join their knowledge, experience and other resources to develop a new product – a laundry-washing capsule containing organic essential oils in a water-soluble film.

Main project activities:

  1. New product development, including industrial research, experimental development and the feasibility study. The partners will identify the most suitable medicinal and aromatic plants for developing the new product; elaborate protocols for plant extraction; analyze the chemical composition of the extracted material and its intercourse with other ingredients to be used in the washing capsule; investigate the technological details of production and possibilities for innovative packaging. The partners will also prototype, pilot, test and validate the new product in the environment representative of real-life operating conditions and evaluate and analyze the potential of the new product in the market.
  2. Marketing activities will focus on the development of a visual identity and engaging, environment-friendly packaging of the new product. Different types of marketing materials will be prepared to spread the word about the new product and generate the demand among future customers. The partners will also take part in two international trade-fairs.
Project implementation time: June 2018 – October 2019

Project partners:  Mayeri Industries AS (Estonia) and SIA “Field and Forest” (Latvia)

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A – Estonia – Latvia

The total funding of the project is EUR 623 652.55, of which the ERDF co-funding amounts to EUR 419 186.71