Growing technologies of ginseng (Panax sp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis)

Development of innovative technologies for cultivation and food production of ginseng (Panax sp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis), No.17-00-A01620-000008

There is a rapidly increasing demand for natural herbs that could substitute chemical-based medicinal, cosmetic, and food products. In Europe and other parts of the world, one of the most wanted herbs are ginseng (Panax sp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis). Agronomy experts point out that the weather and soil in Latvia is well-suited for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. During the project, in cooperation with scientists, agronomists and entrepreneurs, the project team will research the most suitable technologies and methods for cultivation of above mentioned herbs within organic farming environment. They will also develop innovative experiments for research of cultivation of ginseng in forest ecosystems.


Create and support cooperation between agriculture, agricultural product processing industry and science, in order to:

1. Develop innovative methods for cultivation of globally demanded medicinal plants (ginseng (Panax sp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis)) that are suitable for Latvia’s agro-climatic conditions;

2. Create new products based on ginseng (Panax sp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis);

3. Disseminate knowledge gathered during the project via European Innovation Partnership network and other communication channels.

1. Elaboration of cultivation technology for ginseng and Chinese horseradish within organic farming environment, development of experimental methodology, cultivation experiments, economical evaluation;

2. Development of prototypes for new tea blends including ginseng and Chinese horseradish; experience exchange; testing of characteristics of various tea blends; creating of prototypes;

3. Raising public awareness and dissemination of project results.

Project duration: January 2018 – December 2021

Leading partner: SIA “Field and Forest”

Partners: Foundation “Institute for Environmental Solutions” and SIA “Bargi” 

Project scientific leader: Dr. Arta Kronberga, e-mail: [email protected]

The project is co-funded by: the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Rural Development Program, Measure 16 “Cooperation”, sub-measure 16.2. “Supporting the development of new products, methods, processes and technologies” and project partners.

Total project funding: 95 000.14 EUR, including public funding 85 500.22 EUR.